Lifespan of a male Betta fish

July 4, 2015
Two males

Reef-tankBetta fish, unlike other kinds of fishes are believed to live longer and are the best types for breeding. For your betta fish to live long and become good breeders, the best habitat should be provided for them.

If you want to give your betta fish the best home, you should buy an aquarium that is big enough for them to swim around. This is very important during the breeding process because the male and female bettas will run after each other as part of their "courtship" process. If you want your betta fish to live well, avoid putting them in small bowls because this gives them little room to move and reproduce.

Of course, you shouldn't just focus on making the best homes for your betta fish but you should also give them the best food for them to be healthy and active always. There are specialized betta foods in the market and most of them are high-class so be sure to feed your bettas only the best. Some of the specialized betta foods help in keeping them in their best condition like helping in keeping their color glowing and even keeping their fins conditioned. For more information check out this story on fish tank. Store-bought male betta fish are mostly over four months old and the right time for their fins to start looking good. Sometimes, these fish can even live for up to six years. To keep them at the top of their game, don't forget to regularly treat and change the tank's water so that it would be a healthy place for your betta fish to live.

The best way to keep your betta fish from fighting each other is to use dividers so that they won't be able to attack, otherwise, it would impossible to let them breed. Read more about fish tank story here.

Most people care for betta fish because they are pleasing to watch and they provide relaxation for the eyes with their vibrant colors and attractive fins. Feed them high-quality foods to keep them always in shape. Give your betta fish all the food it wants the first time you introduce it to its home.

For people who like caring for pets and for those who want to be relaxed with something eye-catching, breeding betta fish could be a great hobby. Betta fish breeders are also having fun because these kinds breed easily and they usually reproduce a lot. So make sure that you keep your betta fish healthy and well-fed so that they will always be at their best. For more information check out this story on fish tank.

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