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July 17, 2018
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I have heard and seen this question a few times, do betta fish sleep? Well yes, like all animals betta fish must sleep to stay alive!

Betta fish sleep in a variety of places and positions. Some nestle into the tanks gravel, some find a hiding place within an aquarium ornament, others can squeeze between the filter and the tank and some with just float around at the top. Very often the first few times you see your betta fish sleeping you will get a shock thinking something is wrong – don’t worry they can sleep in some funny positions! Please let your betta fish have his deserved rest, don’t tap on the tank to see if he’s ok unless you really are worried.

I think these sleeping behaviors show the importance of having tank ornaments and aquarium plants – the betta fish like to use the shadows cast or the holes that are included with the ornaments to sleep in. Since they sleep in these places it is my opinion that they find these places their ‘safe place’. Betta fish will use these ‘safe places’ to hide when they feel threatened for whatever reason and will retreat here to reduce their stress levels – resulting in a happier betta.

Below is a video I found on YouTube which I found quite funny but educational on betta sleeping behavior.

When do Betta Fish Sleep?

Betta fish sleep at night and have a few rests throughout the day. Luckily very similar to human’s sleeping patterns. I say luckily because if the betta tank is in your bedroom you will be able to turn off any lighting which in turn will help you sleep 🙂 . Whether or not you keep your tank in your bedroom it is advised that you turn off any lighting at nighttime – this will help your betta get into a sleeping pattern and will help it distinguish between night and day. Would you like to sleep with the light on?

Do you have any Betta sleeping behavior stories, tips, advice? Do you agree or disagree with what I have said? I’d love to hear your comments below – and I am sure many others would too!

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