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September 13, 2020
Decorative Lighting

Betta Lights launched the new powerful and scalable PLUS range for BettaOne PLUS, BettaTwo PLUS and BettaFour PLUS solar lighting solution kits early November 2013.

The new PLUS range for the BettaOne, BettaTwo and BettaFour extends on the very successful and popular BettaOne, BettaTwo and BettaFour building blocks. The fundamental differences between the older model and the new PLUS range are:

  • More battery energy for longer run-time,
  • Extra solar panel wattage to charge the larger battery
  • Standard connections to charge intelligent mobile phones such as Blackberries’, S4 Samsung’s and I-Phones
  • Upgradeable from a one light solution to a four light solution by using the same controller by adding additional bulbs, batteries and PV panels
  • All three the new PLUS products use multiples of the same battery; namely the 6 volt 7.2Ah lead crystal battery. The BettaOne Plus and BettaTwo Plus are fitted with 1 x 7.2 Ah battery, while the BettaFour Plus is fitted with 2 x 7.2 Ah batteries
  • The light switches of the Plus range are fitted to the light holder and not the battery box,

Betta Lights constantly seeks for the development of better products and to upgrade existing products as a result of technical and market changes. The PLUS range’s development is a result of this, and the Betta Lights product philosophy (good….better……best… Betta).

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