Petco fish

April 13, 2021
Petco fish frontosa coloring

Shop for aquarium gravel at Petco and create a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment for your fish and aquatic pets. Depending on your pet’s species and your filtration system, you may have the option to forgo fish tank gravel or pick up a substrate alternative. Most pet parents find that the health benefits of using fish gravel are well worth the time needed to maintain a clean bed of substrate. If you’re new to caring for fish, aquarium gravel can be a great all-purpose base for both marine and freshwater habitats. Gravel for fish tanks is also a malleable and effective medium for anchoring real or artificial plants. However, it is important to research proper upkeep and nutrients needed before installing live plants within your aquarium’s gravel.

Fish tank gravel can also hide some of the waste and general debris which can be produced by your pets or live plants. If you’re caring for multiple aquatic, aquarium gravel can be a great way to reduce the frequency of water changes necessary. With a proper water cycling and maintenance schedule, aquarium gravel can also be the perfect home for beneficial bacteria. You can also help improve the quality of your water and reduce the amount of leftover food in your fish tank gravel by not overfeeding your pets. In addition to providing a pleasant habitat for your pet, fish gravel can also make it easier to see them. Because there are so many colors and textures available, it’s easy to find the perfect fish tank gravel to contrast your pet’s scales and truly make them stand out. If you have a neon tetra, Petco’s selection of florescent fish gravel can complement your pet’s natural glow. For a more authentic look there are many different blends of neutrals in-stock, so you can replicate their natural habitat.
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