How to prepare water for Betta fish?

February 28, 2018
Preparing to Clean a Betta

Learn how to prepare your aquarium for your upcoming on vacation.

Every once in a while you simply need to get away – take a break from work and the stresses of daily life to go on vacation. But going on vacation can be a source of stress in and of itself if you have to worry about what to do with your pets while you are gone. One of the things people have trouble with is what to do with their aquarium when they leave for vacation. If the aquarium is small enough, you can of course bring it to a friend’s house, but even for something as small as a 10 gallon aquarium, this is not ideal. For tanks larger than 10 gallons, it is pretty much impossible. Do not worry – you don’t have to forego your vacation entirely, there are several things you can do to ensure that your fish get the care they need while you are gone. Below you will find an explanation of these options.

Having a Friend Watch Your Fish

This is the option most used by aquarists. They have a neighbor, family member, or friend watch their tank while they are gone. The fish sitter will come over every day or every other day and feed the fish while also checking to make sure everything is okay. At face value, this sounds like the single best option, but upon closer inspection, having someone watch your fish can lead to disaster.

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