How to train a Betta fish?

July 16, 2022
How to Train Your Betta Fish

Following your finger
Difficulty of teaching: 2.5/5

Description: This is one of those tricks where you either get it on your first try or your 100th try. However, it's also one of the most important tricks to teach your betta because once your betta knows how to follow your finger, it makes teaching new tricks easier. First, as a sort of pretest, place your finger on the outside of the aquarium near your betta. If he responds and moves towards it, reward him with some food. If not, shake your finger until he does notice. Slowly start moving your finger to opposite sides of the tank and reward your betta each time he follows it. Now move your finger verticall up and down to see if he follows it. Again, reward him if he does. Just keep practicing until your betta masters it and then you're done!

Jumping out the water
Difficulty of teaching: 1.5/5

Description: This trick is proably the easiest trick to teach your betta because it's one of the natural habits of bettas. It's also practical in that you can use this trick to feed your betta when he or she is housed with other fish that may take the food that is meant for your betta. If your betta can jump then all you need to do is stick a piece of food at the end of a skinny straw (the one you use to stir coffee) or a popsicle stick and hover the food just above the water surface so your betta can reach it and not the other fish. You can also use the tip of your finger instead of a straw or popsicle stick.

Flare on command
Difficulty of teaching: 2/5

Description: This trick is also a useful and practical trick to teach your betta in that it provides exercise, can be used to promote bubblenest building, acts as a stimulus to prevent your betta from being "bored", and it's a great way to get beautiful pictures of your betta. The only supplies that you need are a small mirror (if you don't have one, a printed picture of a male betta would work as well) and a pen with a black or red cap. First, get your betta to flare by placing a mirror or picture in front of the tank. Once your betta starts flaring, place the pen right next to the mirror or picture. Repeat placing the pen and mirror/picture in front of the betta a couple more times. Once your betta starts to instantly flare, take away the mirror and leave only the pen. It's important that the pen is the same color throughout training so that your betta will be able to recognize it. Reward your betta with food each time he or she flares at the pen. Continue until your betta flares each time you show the pen.

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