Petco fish bowl

April 29, 2018
Wall Mount Fish Bowl Petco

Explore Petco’s many options for a wide variety of 1 gallon fish tanks, bowls and aquariums, including starter kits, to begin your aquatic adventure.

A 1 gallon fish tank is ideal for those wanting to get their feet wet in the world of aquatic pets. These smaller 1 gallon aquariums and fish bowls are also great for teaching your children about pet care and the magical world of underwater life. Although your options for marine life will be limited due to less volume, a 1 gallon fish tank can still afford plenty of choices when creating a vibrant, and healthy habitat.

1 gallon fish tanks cannot sustain as many fish as their larger counterparts. However, there are several species that are ideal for smaller tanks. The dazzlingly colorful betta fish is one species that does well in a 1 gallon fish tank. Betta males will attack one another if in the same tank, so any tank mates can make for an unhealthy environment.

White clouds are another appropriate species for a 1 gallon fish tank. Adult white clouds don’t take up much space in a tank, so you’ll have enough room to add aquarium plants and ornamental structures that will help mimic your fish’s natural habitat

There are more than just fish to consider for your fish tank. African dwarf frogs and small invertebrates can also do well in a 1 gallon fish bowl as long as you provide them with the proper food and plenty of places to hide. Artificial structures and live or plastic aquarium plants can give fish and other tank residents handy place to lie low.

Once you’ve mastered the care of your one gallon aquarium, you may find that you are ready to take on a larger, more complex habitat. Shop Petco to see the many options available for expanding your underwater world.

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