Japanese Betta fish names

July 10, 2017
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In the wild Betta fish are a dull browny green color


Domesticated (pet) betta fish are more aggressive than in the wild because of years of selective breeding for fish fighting


Betta fighting was once a sport in Thailand (Siam) where betting took place over the winner much like cock fighting


Betta fish are sometimes called Japanese fighting fish or Chinese fighting fish although they are not native to either country


Unlike most fish Betta fish can breathe air! They have a labyrinth bladder, allowing them to take air from the above the waters surface


Betta fish who do not use their labyrinth bladder can fall ill (which can be life threatening) – so always make sure there is a gap at the top of your tank for your fish to breathe from the surface


Betta fish can be taught tricks such as taking food from your hand, going through a hoop and following a laser pen


Betta fish can recognize their owner and if they see the fish food tub they will know its feeding time


A betta’s natural habitat is a shallow stream or rice paddy

…And finally and most importantly…


Betta fish should not be kept in tiny containers or vases – people often thank that because they come from shallow streams they can be kept in tiny tanks, this is wrong, shallow streams still have huge areas for the betta to swim.
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Source: japanesefightingfish.org
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