Petco Betta tank

August 19, 2019
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Keep Things Small with Desktop Fish Tanks and Bowls

Fish bowls and desktop aquariums available at Petco make great starter-pets for budding aquarists, children, or can even serve as a helpful relaxation tool at your workplace. A fish bowl can add a touch of unique beauty to any small space, while also remaining a relatively low-maintenance habitat to care for and clean. Many fish thrive in these small fish bowls, especially bettas, goldfish, and other species who prefer a more solitary habitat.

Many parents use a fish bowl as a way to gauge pet-parenting responsibility with their children. As fish are a more low maintenance pet than a dog or cat, they can be an ideal way to see whether your child is ready to take on the task of feeding, cleaning and monitoring their animal’s health. However, fish and fish bowls still require adequate cleaning and care products, so be sure you are up to the challenge yourself before committing to any pet. A fish bowl starter kit can be a great first foray into the world of aquarium habitats. Some aquarists even describe their first fish bowl as the spark that ignited their love of reef or freshwater aquarium care.

Desktop aquariums don’t necessarily need to live at your workplace. These aquariums are simply designed to take up a small amount of space, while still including all the elements of a proper set up, such as lighting or filters. However, some office workers credit their desktop aquarium with helping to relieve work-related stresses as the soothing vibe of the aquarium adds a tranquil feel to their workspace. Just make sure your fish bowl is in a location where it will not get overlooked or forgotten.

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