Keeping Siamese fighting fish

December 12, 2018
Keeping Siamese Fighting Fish

The popularity of keeping Siamese fighting fish as a hobby either short fin and long fin are accepted wide spread all over the world. There are two groups of hobbyists. One, keeping the fish for fun and appreciate its beauty. Most of them are interested in keeping fancy long fin crown tail, super delta and half moon etc. Some may come across to the fancy short fin in some extend. The group is open to the outside audience. They setup the club and have some activities such as showing the fish and fish competition. Another group of hobbyist is the group of people keeping the Siamese fighting fish for fighting as a game and entertainment. This article is focusing on second group that keeping the fighting fish as a game and limit a scoop on the experience of fighting fish in Thailand. But I think it may reflect very clear picture to the other groups of players outside the country also.

The fighting fish society is the group of people who have the same interest. They are gathering themselves for the fighting fish game. Understanding people behavior and relationship in the fighting fish society would help other people outside the society understand its unique aspect which is one unit of the whole society.

This article concentrating of the human relationship in the fighting fish society in the present time. I will not discuss on the basic term such as “fighting fish”, Siamese fighting fish”, fighting fish rule” or even giving some introduction on the history of fighting fish game. The reader who interested these subject matters please read the related topic in my home page and others related site.

The behavior and interaction of the members in the fighting fish society do not open to the people in general. One, because it is a specific hobbyist group therefore the members are so limited among the people who really fascinating the game. The group gain the new member by persuaded from the old member. Two, the gambling in the fighting fish is illegal, so they also want to limit themselves among acknowledgeable members. Three, the characteristic of the members or the players themselves make the group limited. Most of them are the trick players, so they are individualistic and private. Only people who understand this...

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